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More than a literary agency.

Hyponymous Consulting helps culturally-creative authors shape their content, find their way in the puzzling world of publishing, and create discoverability with their audience. We help authors look holistically at their work, put the focus on the particularity of their writing, and resist generic, mass culture ways of thinking and acting. In a time of great change, we believe in independence, connectedness, and entrepreneurialism as values that create change.  

(hī ¦ pänəməs) A quality of a word of more specific meaning
than a general or superordinate term applicable to it.

In today’s marketplace, there’s so much choice and segmentation. But in every challenge, there is opportunity. 
It’s all about rich identity and specificity, which attracts more highly-engaged audiences than ever. 
With a good strategy and achievable goals,  build momentum for your publishing over time, and don't wait for the whims of the marketplace. 

Areas of Focus

Insights and experiences about those on the margins

Religion & Spirituality
Creative content that inspires your religious imagination

Personal Growth
Identity and how to live in our changing world

Memoir, nonfiction narratives, and essays about being human

Critical Analysis
Expert critique from historical, sociological, and psychological points of view


David Morris is a creative leader, content strategist and accomplished professional with more than 25 years of publishing experience.


I’ve worked for major publishers like Zondervan (HarperCollins) and Guideposts Books at the executive level. I’ve helped both new voices and premier authors reshape their messaging and build on their strengths for a bigger impact.


I hold a PhD in religious studies and am an author ( I come at publishing with an editorial point of view, but I also help authors drive awareness of their hard work with platform development. Whether it's agenting or publishing authors at Lake Drive Books, my mission is to help get culturally-creative content in front of people in today's digitally structured world.

I value good listening, empowering others, humility, and integrity. I especially enjoy helping new voices create and publish content with fresh meaning for today's world.

About David Morris

Author consulting, not just agenting. Many literary agents I know work hard with authors to help them with their writing but also their platform. They also work hard in the relationship between the author and the publisher. But the name Hyponymous Consulting developed out of an acknowledgment of a fundamental shift in publishing. No longer does the model of author "representation" suffice. Even top-tier authors need help with how they understand the structure of publishing and distribution while also knowing how that connects to their available avenues for driving awareness of their books, which falls on them now more than ever. This work can easily be called "agenting" but calling it "consulting" conveys to authors that what they need is more than just a liaison, they need a partner.

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