Solutions and momentum 

for your publishing.

Hyponymous Consulting helps authors and publishers find fresh strategies for understanding publishing and creating discoverability with their audience.

(hī-′pän-ĭ-məs) The quality of a word whose meaning is more specific to the meaning of another more general word.

In today’s marketplace, there’s so much choice and segmentation. But in every challenge, there is opportunity

It’s all about rich identity and specificity, which attracts more highly-engaged audiences than ever. 

With a good strategy and achievable goals,  build momentum for your publishing over time, and don't wait for the whims of the marketplace. 


  • Understand concrete goals and available resources.
  • Connect thoughtfully your signature identity to your audience.
  • Understand publishing, then develop and streamline your strategy with your specific content and platforming.

audience growth

  • Personal online branding and messaging

  • Website, email, and social media strategy

  • Leveraging organic search

book positioning

  • Online retailer positioning

  • Expert copy positioning, title, and cover evaluation

  • Leveraging backlist publications and content

content development

  • Book concepting

  • Proposal writing

  • High-level manuscript evaluation


  • Listen to needs, identify gaps, and discover opportunities to strengthen your program.
  • Find help in adapting to today's vastly different marketplace.
  • Add presence and personality to your brand.

audience growth

  • Author and publisher online branding and messaging

  • Website, email, and social media marketing strategy

  • Bringing a more robust identity to your brand

Leverage backlist

  • Online retailer positioning and copywriting

  • Content and cover updates

  • Product extensions as content marketing

Internal Initiatives

  • Evaluating growth areas, creating momentum around new product lines

  • Strengthening your acquisitions: concept and platform evaluation, offers and negotiating

  • Improving internal team process, division of labor, communication between departments


David Morris is a creative leader, content strategist and accomplished professional with more than 25 years of publishing experience.


I’ve worked for Zondervan/HarperCollins and Guideposts Books at the executive level. I’ve helped both new voices and premier authors in the marketplace reshape their messaging and build on their strengths for bigger impact.


I’m a PhD in religious studies and a writer, which spills over into everything I do. I excel in long-term vision casting, responding to cultural and marketplace needs, specifying core content and platform development for authors and thought leaders.

I enjoy helping organizations further their mission and helping authors discover the right messages and tools. I value good listening, empowering others, humility, and integrity. I especially enjoy helping new voices create and publish content with fresh meaning for today's world.


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